Councilman Bruce Whitaker
Councilman Bruce Whitaker

Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker Alleges Police Cover-Up In Kelly Thomas Case

Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker is starting to speak out against an alleged police cover-up of the brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of Fullerton policemen. 

In a video interview with Full Disclosure Network last week, Whitaker voiced his frustration with information he received from city officials, which the DA's investigation later proved to be inaccurate.

"It's one thing to say there are sensitive details we can't allow, but to actually have reports that are not true at all...that creates a narrative that would take us in the wrong direction. I have a vested interest in sending a message that that's not okay," Whitaker told Full Disclosure.

He says he wants to send a clear message to the department: it's not okay to lie. "We're talking about sworn public safety officers who we have a right reasonably to expect that their reports be accurate and that their representations be accurate."

In fact, Whitaker says he had to go to other sources outside of the city to get a clear picture of what happened to Thomas. "The Friends for Fullerton's Future blog and eyewitness accounts... those have been so much more accurate than anything I've received as internal communication," Whitaker said. 

The councilman says the current situation has made him more leery of the city's practices. "How do I operate as a city councilmember in the future? I may just have to completely disregard our official line coming from the city." 

If you want to hear more about the alleged cover up from Whitaker, tune into PBS SoCal tomorrow at 1 p.m.


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