Fullerton Chicano Murals Saved!

Got a MySpace message from Sancho the Latin Blogger regarding a community meeting this past Tuesday in Fullerton regarding the city's endangered Chicano murals on Lemon Street south of Valencia (I would've gone but made the mistake of trying to leave San Bernardino at 5pm--HELL). Not only are the murals not coming down, but Fullerton is receiving a $10,000 grant to restore the murals and the city will actively collaborate with the Maple Street barrio to get the treasures looking their best again. Congrats, Fullerton, for doing the right thing--and for Sancho for spearheading the effort to save the murals.

Also of note: councilmember Shawn Nelson, the idiot who first suggested painting them over, was a no-show. We call him an idiot anew because he also reneged on his promise to meet with Sancho and ask the Mexican a YouTube pregunta. Silly Shawn: where are you???


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