Frustration Translation

I was with about 20 people at the foot of the Huntington Beach Pier, listening to the president's State of the Union speech on boom boxes. About 10 of us went to the edge of the sidewalk with signs showing people that some Orange Countians have a different perspective of things in the world today. Mine was the sign that read, "How 'bout a war on POVERTY?" You were sitting at the light with your friend in a beat-up BMW. You and your friend were laughing at us when all of the sudden traffic started moving in the opposite lanes, and a bunch of cars started honking in support. I held two fingers in the air in approval—and then you just lost it. You threw something at me as you drove by. I understand that it's easier to throw things than it is to form a coherent response.

I'm sure what you meant to say was, "You want to take the $200 billion we're going to spend killing innocent Iraqis and use it to feed people in our own country instead? Preposterous! Sir, I say we bomb and bomb and bomb some more! We will never be safe until all monies we might spend to feed and clothe our own is spent instead on taking out civilians in countries that pose no immediate threat!" It's okay. I got the message. But watch your TV: some people can actually think, and this antiwar movement is growing.

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