Reggae artist Half Pint, in lrg t-shirt, wrote "Lovin," which fellow skunk artists sublime turned into "What I Got."

Boom! Free clothes is just some of it, though that can be very sweet. As Park describes it, "It's great. They have you come to the warehouse three or four times a year. You just say, 'I want this; I want that.' It's great around Christmastime."
Paul Frank's simian signature on the chest of Bis front woman Manda Rin.

But there are other perks. Your band might be asked to play company parties or to appear in company ads, as Common Sense lead singer Nick Hernandez did for O'Neill. The ad ran in both Spin and Rolling Stone. If you're a band getting free Volcom stuff, you might be asked to play on the stage the company sponsors on the Warp Tour. The Warp Tour is sponsored by—ta da! —Vans.


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