Friday's Headlines. No Surprises: Carona stripped of more powers

  • Stripping Carona: Sheriff Mike Carona is no longer on the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He says he resigned. The feds say he was forced out.
  • Yet another deputy behaving badly? Richard Rodriguez, 43, a sheriff's deputy assigned to OCTA, has been charged with the false imprisonment of 12 prostitutes, who he allegedly sexually assaulted while pretending to be on police business, reports the Times.
  • Cops! On ebay! The police aren't just trolling chat rooms for predators these days. They're on sites like ebay winning stolen goods up for auction and making arrests. The guys at the Newport Beach department recently retrieved eight of nine solar panels stolen last week from a water basin off the 73 Toll Road in NB. They had to drive to Santa Monica to pick 'em up - and arrest the guy selling them.
  • Do NOT insult his cat: Jim Gray of Buena Park allegedly stabbed his nephew with an ice pick in October. The injuries were so bad that the cops thought he'd been hit with a shotgun blast. "...The nephew insulted the suspect's cat," Buena Park police Sgt. Bill Kohanek said.
  • Release the goats: Newport Beach firefighters are considering sending goats out to chew up Buck Gully and Morning Canyon in Corona del Mar - areas deemed a fire hazard. But there are poop concerns.


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