Friday's Headlines

  • Boy Scouts gone bad: Scouts execs had the OC chapter pick up a $27,000 bill for their trip to Key West - alcohol binge and all.
  • Overcrowding on the horizon: Relief from crowding in OC jails is at least two years away, according to the grand jury.
  • Pit bull on trial: One woman begs a judge to allow her pit bull mix, Brutus, to live. The dog had attacked a woman in January.
  • Mummies keep museum pricey: OC's Bowers Museum of Cultural Art will take its $17 to $19 admission fee down to $12 when its visiting mummies exhibit heads back to England next year.
  • Today in court: Shawn Putansu, who was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend (the girl was given a lethal dose of cocaine) is set to receive his sentence at a Santa Ana court.


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