Friday's Headlines

  • Faithful despite the crappy leadership: The Times sent three reporters out to get a reaction to recent priest sex-abuse scandals and found many Catholics angry, but steadfast in their faith. "It's not Christ in crisis . . . it's the institution," said one scholar.
  • He's no angel, say the cops: Angel Cerna of Anaheim was arrested on his way to his delivery job yesterday. The cops think he may have killed his wife, Gabriela Herrera, whose body was dumped along an East Los Angeles freeway in November.
  • Blah headlines in Long Beach:"LGBT Meetings Popular," reads the Press-Telegram. I know you guys are tied to print, but maybe a little online headline creativity? That's the equivalent of "Cow turd brown" or " Organic food consumed." Enough to give my onetime-copy-editing professor, LAT slot Brad Hanson, a heart attack.
  • Hot for Potter: Tonight's the night the final Harry Potter book comes out. So do drive slow around the Barnes & Noble parking lot. We don't want to see any sad hit-and-run stories involving Gryffindorks on the wire.
  • The hug of death: This morning, sentencing is set in Santa Ana for Jee-Hyun Song, the Anaheim theology student convicted of second-degree murder in her husband's stabbing death. She says she accidentally stabbed him when he tried to hug her from behind.


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