Friday's Headlines

  • Anger in the air:Vietnamese-Americans are expected to gather in Dana Point tonight to protest the presence of Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet - who many have human rights and religious freedom questions for.
  • Desegregation entry "festive" after all: Earlier in the week, we noted that a Huntington Beach panel frowned upon the idea of having a float celebrating desegregation in their Fourth of July parade. Not festive enough, they said. But a little media coverage and arm twisting later, and poof, they've had a change of heart.
  • Marine bashing: Two marines were found beaten outside a San Clemente bar this morning - one with a broken arm, the other with an eye swollen shut.
  • Mardi Gras in Long Beach: The 21st annual Long Beach Bayou Festival hits Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach today through Sunday.
  • Today in court: Arraignment is set for Blaine Bowker, 36, who police say stabbed two men and a woman in Dana Point.


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