Friday's Headlines

  • OC Performing Arts Center sues over sucky design: The center wants at least $30 million from the architect and construction company that built the $240 million structure, citing unexpected cost overruns, delays and design issues.
  • Cough it up, Carona: OC Sheriff Michael Carona will have to pay a $15,000 fine to settle allegations that he violated election laws eight times by billing his campaign committee an estimated $130,000 in expenses that he vaguely listed as "loans," reports the Times.
  • Smile, LAT: Fishbowl LA gets hold of an internal LA Times memo looking for "50 enthusiastic employees" (who aren't eligible for overtime) to be in a crowd scene for a commercial pimping Times education products. "Is Tribune is too cheap to hire actors?" wonders FBLA's Kate Coe.
  • OC Judge in trouble: Superior Court Judge Kelly MacEachern's been accused of lying on her expense report.
  • Return of the inflated screen:: The drive-in theater that disappeared when the OC Fair came to town is up again. Now playing: Rush Hour 3 and Superbad.


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