Friday's Dateline NBC Targets Newport Beach Murder By Ex-NFL Linebacker

Naposki: rare moment when his mouth is closed
Naposki: rare moment when his mouth is closed

The good folks at Dateline NBC have announced plans to air their "mystery" Friday night about the ex-National Football League (NFL) player convicted last year for the cold-case ambush murder of an ultra-wealthy businessman in Newport Beach.

I covered the trials of Eric Naposki--the big mouth, former New England Patriot and Indianapolis Colts' linebacker, and his slutty, two-timing girlfriend at the time of the killing, Nanette Packard, and expect Dateline to expertly weave together a fascinating visual tale of a sensational crime that rocked the ritzy, oceanfront community in December 1994.

Go HERE and HERE to read some of my past coverage of the case. And read on for more...

The CBS 48 Hours' version that aired last October was a disappointment because their plot line inexplicably omitted several key incriminating facts developed by homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy and in the process left viewers with the absurd notion that Naposki might be innocent of the murder of William McLaughlin.

The Dateline version will be told by Keith Morrison, arguably the best on-air story teller on national television nowadays. 

From his cell inside the Orange County Jail, Naposki--who is scheduled to be sentenced May 18 with his accomplice--has been claiming he's--one guess--innocent and knows the identity of the real killer.

Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison near the location of the murder.
Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison near the location of the murder.
Dateline NBC

(Most criminal defendants facing life in prison try to divert attention away from themselves before they get convicted. Naposki chose a puzzling route. He decided to talk after a jury officially labeled him a murderer.)

According to sources, Packard declined to appear on the show, but her chatty public defender, Michael Hill, gave an interview.

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