Friday Film Funnies Fun: Van Tran, Assemblymember and Police Obstructor

Don't believe the Red County gang: state assemblymember and Little Saigon don Van Tran had next to no chance to unseat incumbent Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in next year's 47th District congressional race. All Tran had on his side were mostly Vietnamese voters and all Mexican-haters, while Loretta has all the Dems, wabs, and some Vietnamese voters on her side despite doing next to nothing in her 12 years in Capitol Hill. No amount of weekly press releases by the National Republican Congressional Committee was going to change that.

But now word emerges that Tran tried to interfere in the police investigation of Westminster councilmember (and Tran protege) Andy Quach after Quach slammed into an electricity poll while drunker than your average Balboa Bay Club member come midnight. Law-and-order Republican? HA! I'm sure the powerful police unions of Anaheim, SanTana, Garden Grove and Westminster aren't going to fork over cash for a scofflaw like Tran come election time. And so Loretta wins again...yippee.

Anyhoo, here's Tran:


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