Friday Film Funnies Fun: Shut the Hell Up, Hugh Hewitt!

I haven't paid much attention to Hugh Hewitt as of recent, mostly because all he seems to talk about is Obamacare, and that's not exactly the sexiest of subjects. But I did tune in yesterday, at the very end of the show, and he was playing one of my favorite songs: Lulu's "To Sir with Love" (don't ask). Beautiful, overwrought, late-1960s Brit pop. I have no idea why Baby Hewie was playing it, or why he kept giving biographical details about the singer, but O.C.'s most prominent conservative yakmouth played the song in its entirety and spoke about if the entire time. SHUT THE FUCK UP, HUGH HEWITT, AND LET ME HERE LULU! Maybe he was trying to tie her with Sarah Palin or someone (qdpsteve?) in Commentlandia can provide context, but here's the song without any Baby Hewie yammering:


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