Free Orange County! Kill The Mouse! Er, Bee!

Don't watch Venture Brothers? You should start. And you might as well start with the latest episode to appear on the Adult Swim website, "The Incredible Mr. Brisby." Dr. Venture, his skull-cracking manservant Brock Sampson (voiced by the incomparable Patrick Warburton and boasting a more impressive Wikipedia entry than some alt-weeklies I know) and the Venture Brothers themselves (Dean and Hank) go on a wacky, zany, sexy and blood-soaked romp through Brisbyland, complete with Busy Bee mascot and trademark imperfect circle above the 'i'; if that wasn't enough, the boys are eventually kidnapped by the Orange County Liberation Front. It seems Brisbyland is gobbling up Orange County piece by piece. While the OCLF, operating out of the gymnasium of the Orange County Community College, uses Brisby caps to brainwash the boys into helping them ("Geez, Ted, those hats really work. Didja turn 'em all the way up to Patty Hearst?"), Roy Brisbee dopes Dr. Venture up with truth serum in the hopes of learning the secret of cloning. Unfortunately for him, the drugs react with "something" in the good Doctor's system, creating a less-than-desired reaction. Meanwhile, Brock and ex-girlfriend Molotov Cocktease re-unite for some chastity-belt action and a joint strike on the BrisbyDome - like Epcot Center but with a bee motif. Drugs, sex, Disney parodies and OC citizens resorting to militancy. Would that life would do a better job of imitating art.

"Don't forget the skate park!"

"A skate park! Right! Chad here used to be a professional skater!"


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