Free crap that came in the mail

When you write for a paper, people just send you stuff, hoping you'll do a story about it.

These two big packages came in the OC Weekly mail the other day, addressed to me, presumably because they read my cover story about puppets and thought that somehow I'd be up for a feature on Starbucks' new line of products. Or skin-care stuff.

Being a dude, I don't even use one skin-care product, let alone the 10 or so that came in this white handbag. Except when I get a new tattoo—but I can't afford one just now. I also don't carry a handbag. And if I did, it' d be black with pictures of giant robots and semi-naked chicks on it.

What does Bob Marley have to do with Starbucks? I don't know, but the CD came with all the other stuff. As for the hideous orange color of the tote bag, maybe the Starbucks people expect me to be playing in traffic while I enjoy water from their sippy cup. Or hunting deer.


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