Fred Karger's New Campaign: Boycott Anti-Gay Amway ala Chick-fil-A

Fred Karger's New Campaign: Boycott Anti-Gay Amway ala Chick-fil-A

Fred Karger, who ended his run for the Republican presidential nomination in June, already has a new campaign.

In grand anti-Chick-fil-A fashion, the gay Laguna Beach politico is organizing a boycott against Amway, whose co-owner cut a hush-hush $500,000 check to the National Organization for Marriage, which was formed to oppose same-sex unions.

"We will work with individuals and other organizations to conduct a worldwide boycott of Amway, Alticor and its sister companies Quixtar Incorporated, AccessGroup LLC and all of their subsidiaries and other DeVos family owned companies," wrote Karger in an open letter to Amway's Doug DeVos.

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Other affiliated Amway companies covered by the ban include Nutrilite vitamins and Laura Mercier cosmetics. The gay is also being chased away from the DeVos-owned Orlando Magic NBA franchise and the Fox Automotive Group. Find out more at

Amway responded by releasing this statement: "As private citizens, the DeVos family supports causes and organizations that advocate for policies aligned to their personal beliefs."

Other DeVos family beneficiaries include Michigan State University and the Make a Wish Foundation.

Gay Old Party Presidential Hopeful Fred Karger Officially Pulls Out of Race

However you stand on this issue, give Karger credit for this: he's come up with one more excuse to get out of attending an Amway meeting.

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