Douchebag the movie.
Douchebag the movie.

Fred Durst Douchebag vs. Drake Doremus Douchebag

Before Drake Doremus' Like Crazy won the dramatic Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the Orange-born writer-director's previous dramedy Douchebag was nominated in the same category at the same prestigious event the year before. Now, as reported earlier on our Heard Mentality blog, Douchebag is coming to TV, although--sadly--it will not be about two distinctly different brothers just trying to get along. Nor will the televised version's cast include Andrew Dickler, who brilliantly played the title role in Doremus' movie, or the 28-year-old filmmaker's childhood friend out of Corona del Mar Ben York Jones, who nailed it as Dickler's estranged younger brother, co-wrote Like Crazy and covered the 2011 Sundance Fest for this very blog.

Nope, the new Douchebag stars the tres douchey Fred Durst.

CBS, which is currently vetting the show Durst produces and stars in, describes it as being about a "rock legend looking for balance between his high-profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family." As our blogger Ryan Weyls put it about the "front-penis" of Limp Bizkit and his sitcom, "The 'rock legend' and 'high profile' parts are not accurate, but at least the working title is: Douchebag."

Meanwhile, Doremus' Like Crazy opens in limited theatrical release Oct. 28. It's about lovers--everywhere man Anton Yelchin and the revelatory Felicity Jones--dealing with being separated by an ocean.

Here's the trailer:

Doremus' festival darling Douchebag had a limited theatrical run in October 2010. It's available for download on Netflix.


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