Frankie Jay Szabo, Alleged Casanova Conman, Moves Act from OC to Riverside County

As Frankie Jay Szabo was being sentenced to two years in state prison in the 1990s after pleading guilty in Orange County Superior Court to nine counts of grand theft, a victim predicted Szabio would surely con again.

He has, according to Riverside County authorities now accusing the Menifee 55-year-old of playing "Casanova" to women in their 70s before conning them out of tens of thousands of dollars.

"This guy is a creep," Riverside County Sheriff's Investigator Glenn Johnson reportedly told the Press Enterprise newspapero. "His whole life is conning women."

In the latest cases, Szabo is accused of convincing a 70-year-old Homeland woman to take out a loan against her house to fund life or death surgery for Szabo's stepfather, whilea 71-year-old Lake Elsinore woman took $10,000 out of her retirement account because Szabo allegedly said he needed surgery.

In fact, deputies allege, the surgeries were as much of a fantasy as Szabo's vow to pay the women back. He wound up blowing the money on a new Mercedes, fancy restaurant meals and shopping trips, according to authorities.

The daughter of the Lake Elsinore woman discovered a record of the bank withdrawal, found out about Szabo's smooth moves and contacted authorities. Turns out Szabo was on parole for a stalking conviction, and his parole officer searched his car and home and found evidence of the payment from the Homeland woman.

Szabo pleaded not guilty Wednesday to two counts each of grand theft and embezzlement from an elder.

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