Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez Signs with the New York Mets

Bye-bye Frankie.

ESPN is reporting that now ex-Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez has signed a three-year, $37 million deal with the New York Mets.

Rodriguez, who broke the single-season saves record in 2008 with 62, will certainly make bank in NYC. And considering that he usually only works a single inning, well . . nice job, if you can get it. But will he be worth it, considering that various scouts and agents are wary of his violent throwing action, which more often than not found K-Rod falling off the pitcher's mound during his Angels tenure, and could eventually shorten his career?

We'll see how his 2009 season goes. Hope it's better than the last big-name Angel who departed Anaheim for the Mets: Mo Vaughn, who, after a little over one injury-plagued season, never played ball in the major leagues again.


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