Fountain Valley Politician and Activist Gus Ayer Dies
Screenshot of Gus Ayer taken from Facebook

Fountain Valley Politician and Activist Gus Ayer Dies

Liberal websites are buzzing this morning about the death of progressive Orange County  politician and activist Gus Ayer, a former Fountain Valley city councilman who passed away yesterday from a possible heart attack. Ayer served as a campaign advisor to former Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook in her bid to defeat Dana Rohrabacher in the race for the 46th district congressional seat in 2008. 

"It resulted in (Ayer's) defeat on his own city council because he devoted all his time to getting me elected," Cook told the Weekly this morning by phone. "That's how selfless he was. He always worked for the bigger picture."

Ayer was recently involved in efforts to defeat Poseidon Resources Inc.'s planned desalination facility in Huntington Beach. His website, slams the rising costs of the project and predictions made by the company touting its future successes. 

Both Cook and Ayer attended last year's board meeting where the San Diego Water Authority announced a 30-year water purchase agreement with Poseidon which would result in higher water rates for residents there.

"He was blown away at the lack of information the board had," Cook said. "He didn't want this to happen in Orange County."

Other sites including the Liberal OC describe Ayer as a mentor with a big heart. "So many depended on him to fight the good fight, to be there for them," wrote the Liberal OC's Heather Pritchard. " It's a void that will be so difficult to fill, not just a void in my heart, but in our collective organizing ability."

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