Forming Kaos Gangsters Win Lengthy Prison Trips in Mexican Mafia Conspiracies

A federal judge in Orange County has sentenced two members of Forming Kaos (FK), the Costa Mesa-based criminal street gang, to lengthy prison trips for participating in conspiracies that benefited the notorious Mexican Mafia.

Douglas Joseph Jackovich and Kirk Ray Butterfas, both 30 years old, won't see freedom for awhile.

U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna could have sentenced Jackovich (AKA "Temper" and "DJ") to 175 months in prison but gave him a 75-month reduction because the gangster pleaded guilty to prosecutors prior to a trial and has taken "Attitude for Success" and "Effective Parenting" classes while in jail.

The methamphetamine dealer,  who has a long criminal history dating back to the age of 13, tried to claim that he played minor criminal drug dealing roles, but that stance was rejected by U.S. Department of Justice officials familiar with the case.

Selna gave Butterfas a 41-month trip to the slammer for continuing to work for FK in an extortion plot while in custody on separate charges.

Costa Mesa Police Department officers, Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies as well as FBI agents raided FK in 2011 in an attempt to significantly hamper their activities.

According to federal prosecutors, FK was a subservient criminal organization to the Mexican Mafia's activities in Orange County.

Though they've been sentenced, both hoodlums remain locked inside the Santa Ana Jail awaiting transportation to prison.

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