Former Weekling Pignataro Lives, Writes the Maui Life

The last time the Weekly pimped a book by Anthony Pignataro, it was El Toro Airport Watch: A No-Nonsense Guide to the Controversy Surrounding Orange County's Proposed El Toro International Airport. The title alone is nearly as long as the 54-page book, a staggering work of genius that is not really a book but more a bigger-than-a-pamphlet collection of The Pig's weekly "El Toro Airport Watch" columns that ran in the Weekly in 1997. It was put out by Project 99, the anti-airport group fronted by Larry Agran, back when Irvine's version of Fiorello H. La Guardia was still talking with the Weekly.

Pignataro eventually spun that and other publishing successes, his rugged good looks and his signature blue shorts into the top editor's job at Maui Time Weekly, where he ruled like an island king for years before taking a sanity break from the media biz last June. Now he has another book, a real book, one much bigger than a pamphlet, that features 33 of his feature stories from his days covering magical Maui.

"Basically, I consider this an experiment, and do not expect to make much (if any) money off it," Pignataro writes in a mass email to friends about Remember the Technicolor Dreamboat!: And Other Tales of Maui's Misfits (Cafe Press). About two-thirds of the stories in the book, which is available online or printed on demand, are no longer available via the Maui Time Weekly website. His friend and cartoonist Ron Pitts designed the cover.

"I prefaced each story with context and updates, where needed, and there is an introduction where I satirically compare it to other books about Hawaii written by people like Hunter S. Thompson and Mark Twain," explains Pignataro, who continues to crank out novels, short stories and magazine articles when he can be pulled away from sunning, kayaking and lazing.

You are hereby ordered to buy copies of Remember the Technicolor Dreamboat! for yourself, your friends and your family so that current and former Weeklings who remain trapped on the mainland can continue living vicariously on Maui through Pignataro. Anyone he once bought drinks for at the Blue Beet is especially encouraged to order--and order often. (You ladies know who you are.)

"My plan is still to get an agent and get books published through the traditional (non-vanity) channels, but in the mean time, at least I have something that more or less resembles a book," he writes in between long sips of his Coco Loco, deep snorts of clean salt air and pleasing glimpses of the sun's rays dancing on the blue Pacific.

Fucking lucky bastard.


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