For The Weekend: The 'Save Your City' Drinking Game

For some reason, your blogger spent half an hour yesterday purposefully getting yelled at by Orange County elected officials. The cause was Save Your City, a nifty-looking website that aims to stop the state government from diverting funds from municipalities to shore up the budget.

They've got a gallery of YouTube videos, featuring city council members across the state ranting into the camera about why Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to get away from city coffers. Most of the videos are essentially the same: 10-40 seconds of an uncomfortably angry middle-aged local politician telling off state lawmakers. Officials in Tustin, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley and San Juan Capistrano are among the municipalities signed up to participate so far.

A stellar example is Tustin Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Amante's uncanny impersonation of Larry H. Parker:

I say this stuff provides a perfect excuse to get schwasted. So here's a game. Go to the Orange County section of the website. Start watching videos. Take one drink anytime the following occurs:

- The speaker in the video references the state legislature's "hands."
- The video brings back painful childhood memories of livid parents fighting in the kitchen.
- You are overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness when it dawns on you that Grover Norquist's dream of starving the government of funds until it was so small you could "drown it in a bathtub" is frighteningly close to becoming reality.

In other words, just drink. All the time. Maybe when you come out of your stupor, Arnold will no longer be threatening to end all welfare payments in the state, and Jerry Amante's mustache will have stopped haunting your nightmares.


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