For Once, A White Man Accused of Being a Criminal Mastermind in Santa Ana

I don't follow extreme sports, so the name Benjamin Snowden does nothing for me. But what did do something form me is that this BMX biker was arrested within the past couple of days, charged with being a part of a robbery ring that targeted schools in the SanTana Unified School District. According to the Orange County Register story, "two adults would drive the juveniles to the burglary sites and act as lookouts. The other three adults, including Snowden, would fence the stolen goods for BMX and skateboard parts." Here's Snowden's brief side of the story.

Is Snowden the type of individual that Don Papi Pulido and his Brave New Urbanists want in SanTana. You betcha! Wonder if Snowden passed code enforcement for the backyard layout he has in the below video. Try to guess what neighborhood it's in, because I can't really determine it (watch out for the SanTana water tower!

Ben Snowden gives a tour of his house and backyard. from BMX or Life on Vimeo.

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