Following the Bouncing OCSD Gun Story

Did anyone catch the Malibu Ferrari Crash story in today's Times. Now, while there's no way the Orange County Sheriff's Department angle can possibly overshadow the meat of this story (rare Ferrari Enzo totaled on PCH, alleged lies to responding cops, a supposed Swedish con man, fake Homeland Security officials on the scene--and that's just Act 1!), OCSD "Professional Services Division" Deputy Roger A. Davis' role in this real-life miniseries just gets curiouser and curiouser.

First, just follow the timeline: the crash happens around 6 a.m. on Feb. 21--an event that's still burned in Your Favorite Timex's memory sockets because we just happened to be watching the KTLA Morning News report on the then-mysterious crash. The cops raid the Bel-Air home of suspected driver--AND former videogame executive AND Swedish ex-con AND reputed mob associate--Bo Stefan Eriksson on April 7. Among the evidence that turns up is a .357 magnum, which is illegal for an ex-con like Eriksson to possess. Two days later, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's detective on the case gets a call about the cannon from Newport Beach's Davis, who when he isn't serving as an OCSD badge-carrying, Mike-Carona-Pretend-A-Cop is a "businessman" who shares an office building with Eriksson. At the preliminary hearing where Erikksson was ordered to stand trial on an array of charges that could put him in the pokey for 14 years, LASO Det. Zack Conner testified that Davis told him he'd been out shooting with Eriksson--no background check required of shooting buddies, obviously--and when they were done they'd mistakenly picked up each other's bag.

Doh! Don't you hate it when that happens?

Too bad Eriksson wasn't packing a bazooka. The bag holding that would have been easier to recognize.

Is this not the lamest excuse EVER!?! Hack writers for TV and the movies have even moved beyond the ol' switched gunbags storyline because it's become so cliched--just like Mike Carona's law enforcement career.


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