"Someday My Café Will Come"
"Someday My Café Will Come"

Flickr Photo of the Week!

This week's awesome Flickr Photo of the Week showing a before and after of Downtown Santa Ana is brought to us by user Ben Dayhoe (hee).

Here's his photo description: "My first attempt at the "Looking into the Past" series. You are looking at the Northwest corner of 3rd and Main in Downtown Santa Ana, CA. Like many great historical structures in Santa Ana, the old cafe on the corner has been run into the ground and is now one of our many urban eyesores. Part of the right side of the cafe was divided up and is now a dive bar. To the right of the cafe in the (printed) photo was a See's Candies, but now serves as a rotisserie chicken joint. About a year ago, I contacted Johnny Rockets, Fat Burger, Ruby's Diner and a few other restaurants about this prime piece of real estate in hopes of someone being interested in opening up shop here. But alas, the amount of money that would be needed to bring this place up to code is more than anyone wants to spend, especially now."

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