First the Weekly, then the Times, then the World!

It's embarrassing enough to the rest of us staffers that Gustavo Arellano's name appears on every other page. But now it's increasingly engulfing the LA "By God" Times, too.

In his pop news column in Sunday's Calendar section,  Chris Lee had an item titled "Offspring's Dexter Holland dips into salsa," which we'd link you to were it not one of those Times pay-to-play dealies. (Give 'em a break; times is bad at Tribune Inc.) You'll recall, of course, Gustavo extolled the praises of that rot sauce two months ago, right here. In his poppy item, Lee begins his second paragraph by noting no less an authority than our ¡Ask a Mexican!™ columnist has hailed the hot stuff in print.

Then the next day, Arellano got his very own byline in the Times above an op-ed piece praising Fox Television for canning The O.C. You can read that one without paying, right here. The headline: "Ding, Dong The O.C. is Dead."

I don't get it?


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