First Issue of The Oasis Magazine Spotlights Black Life in OC

A new publication has just arrived with an interest in appealing to OC's pathetically miniscule African-American community. The inaugural issue of The Oasis Magazine greets readers with a "Hello, Hola & Hotep to everyone!" The online publication comes courtesy of the Black in Orange County nonprofit service organization and promises in the note to its readers that "there is so much we can do with this vehicle, the possibilities are mind blowing--and you can be a part of it too."

The first issue is a humble one with a table of contents listing art, dining, and an interview spotlight called "Beauty & Brains." The cover story feature honors the 100th anniversary of Delta Sigma Theta as it takes a look at the Orange County Alumni chapter of the largest African-American Greek-lettered sorority.

The funniest page of the online publication belongs to the 'Sorriest Negro on the Planet' awards. With a lemon pictured instead of an orange, Republican tea party member and Fox News talking head Dr. Ben Carson is eviscerated for making wild statements like when he said Obamacare is the "worst thing that has happened in the nation since slavery." Really now? What about Jim Crow segregation or mass incarceration?

Seeking to grow, the first issue sets its circulation sights on about 4,000 readers with hard copies made available around town. Editorial director William Drake is looking for new advertisers and submissions from writers for the next edition of The Oasis. Congrats to this vital publication, and watch out, OC: There's always that next 'Sorriest Negro on the Planet' award to be on the look for, too!

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