Finally, Santa Ana isn't First or Last

SanTana is a city of many ignoble stats: the country's youngest, most-Latino, most-crowded, most-Spanish speaking big city and also the toughest to live in. One of California's fattest. A mini-Mexico where a campaign sign can hang for months after an election and no one gives a damn. Where gang shootings seem to be a weekly occurrence.

But thanks to Latina Magazine, SanTana can finally boast some good ranking news. This month's issue features a survey of America's 25 healthiest city for Latinas that places SanTana at número 15. Among the surprises: the city has a violent crime rate "39 percent lower than average, relative to population" (according to FBI statistics) but also has one of the lowest college-graduate rates in the country. Other cities of note: Anaheim is #19, Long Beach is #22 and L.A. ranks dead last. Biggest surprise in the survey: Riverside is #5. We love our Latina (full disclosure: your humble wab is a contributor and has a write-up about his book in this month's issue), but the lovely New Yorkers that run the mag obviously haven't visited Sodom-by-the-Desert.


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