Fight Unemployment by Occupying a T-shirt

Amid high unemployment, low opportunity and a heaping helping of frustration, Jason Sadler has come up with a way for jobless Californians to demonstrate their way into an income.

And you don't have to occupy anything other than a t-shirt.

Through his Illinois-based, Sadler says he's paying people $30,000 to $40,000 a year to wear his tees. And he's looking for local models.

The always-there catch? The tees are emblazoned with the logo of a company' paying Sadler.

You've heard of bums on the street getting a few bucks to wear sandwich boards advertising some business or builder blow-out sale? Sadler is offering a variation where the underemployed can use themselves to advertise the wares of others. He boasts past I Wear Your Shirt customers have ranged from Nissan to LA-based Opportunity Green.

If this sounds like your opportunity to make some green, visit


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