Fight Club

Our favorite OC boxer, Ronny Rios, came home this week after a decisive and controversial loss at the Olympic trials in Houston. The potent, artful boxer says he's ready to refocus, turning his sights to his pro career and to finishing out his senior year in high school. "It's time to move on," he says.

Ronny created such a stir this year when he nabbed both the prestigious National Golden Gloves and U.S. Championships title belts, and then headed to the Olympic team trials, that the Santa Ana City Council will issue a proclamation next Tuesday Sept. 4 declaring the date, rumor has it, "Ronny Rios Day" (See "Ronny," August 2).

He's come home to a lot of new hometown fans who plan to follow his pro career, including us. Go Ronny. We love you. (See slideshow).


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