Figgy Headed Back to the Angels?

Piggybacking off a post about changes in the Seattle Mariners lineup, one blogger tosses out this intriguing possibility:

Former Angels' spark plug Chone Figgins returning to Anaheim. 

The prognosticating began with Jim Street on's Mariners page being asked about his suggesting to move Figgy from second base to third, where he was an All-Star with the Angels. The questioner believes prospect Matt Mangini deserves a shot at third.

Street sticks by his prediction of Figgins moving to third with the Mariners--but then tosses out this: "That being said, I am not convinced that Figgins will be back next season. I know the Angels would like to have him back and batting leadoff, where he belongs."

Ben Maller then picks up the idea of Figgins coming back home to Anaheim--going to far as to label the utility man "a bust" in Seattle.

Figgy made his debut with the 2002 Angels who would go on to win the World Series and was with the team through the 2009 season, then signed a four-year, $34 million deal with Seattle in the off-season that included an option to make that $45 million over five seasons.

But, after batting for a career high .330 in 2007 and .298 in '09 with the Angels, Figgins hit just .259 with the Mariners despite appearing in a career-high 161 games.


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