No pillow mint for you.EXPAND
No pillow mint for you.

Fastpass to Hunger: Day 2 of the Disney Workers Fast

Watching a kid cry about how Disney is destroying his dad feels like watching the death scene in Bambi for the first time.

The 10-year-old son of Disney worker turned faster, Jorge Iniestra, was in tears last night after the evening's demonstration in the Simba parking lot ended, and it was time for daddy to return to his tent on the sidewalk in front of the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. The 10 fasters continue to hope that the Disney Corporation will address their concerns about their heath and safety while on the job, and come to an agreement over their health-care plan.

Tent city on Disneyland Drive.EXPAND
Tent city on Disneyland Drive.

That said, watching Disney employees make the beds in the parking lot was funny--and informative! Did you know that it takes a professional five minutes and 58 seconds to make one up? That's basically light speed compared to the bellman who tried afterward and could barely get it done in 10 minutes with minor back strains.

Those deluxe mattresses are heavy, and hospital corners don't tuck themselves. Lift from the knees, not the back. According to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, however, that doesn't help much if you've been bending, lifting and tucking 30 beds a day, five days a week for years. A recent study from the journal showed that injuries from housekeeping jobs--especially for women--are an alarmingly common occurrence.

Tonight at 5, come see if Loretta Sanchez can help bring this madness to an end before the 10 fasters' hunger-induced delirium sends pink elephants through their brains. The Garden Grove Democratic congresswoman will be at the Paradise Pier Hotel, along with the fasters who, by that point, will have gone without food for 48 hours.


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