Fanmail 1995-1996

FANMAIL 1995-1996 Your merciless bashing of The Orange County Register and the OC edition of the LA Times is futile and infantile. Your writer is simply out of touch with most of us in Orange County, and across America. Your paper must really be hard up for publicity or just a left-wing rag of anti-German propaganda. Your paper should not have to resort to the very tactics that you ridicule. terrifyingly stupid sentence I have ever read. This type of patronizing, guilty-white-liberal mentality is just as bigoted and dangerous as anything coming out of a Coeur d'Alene town hall meeting. You should learn some ethics when launching smug, sarcastic attacks. In a county as conservative as ours, I think this is kind of uncalled for. All is hopeless. Everything in the OC Weekly seems subtly designed to appeal exclusively to OC's small population of upper-class pseudoliberals and its hordes of white, upwardly mobile yuppies. Despite its monolithically slick prose, the Weekly has failed to offer a viable alternative to journalism as usual. The stereotypes you use to differentiate Democrats and Republicans are so simplistic it's a joke. Your publication has become so boring and dull that the only exciting part is the holistic massage ads. Your so-called article . . . is a bunch of bullshit. How can we trust your assessment of something as important as the county charter when you can't research something as simple as football? Insufficiently busy with notable reporting efforts of its own, OC Weekly gets its kicks from drive-by shootings of more credible journalists. Stop your whining, OC Weekly! Your paper should be ashamed. OC Weekly sucks. Are there any other felons working for your paper who would like to recount their crimes? I found your column . . . to be rather stupid and devoid of any real information. Nobody could be that out of touch and be proud of it. OC Weekly needs to show some responsibility in the effect it has on its readers. It is time to downshift to a lower gear of self-glorification. Trashy journalism. I found your article disgusting and surprisingly biased. 1996-1997 Rabid attacks. If this kind of defilement is what we have to do to be involved in the process, then I want no further part of it. An insult to the intelligence of your readers. A parade of dumb mistakes, inaccurate reporting and libelous innuendo. Short-visioned throwback. Too often, facts and a Weekly story go together like oil and vinegar. Talent, or the lack thereof, is expressed in many forms. Completely one-sided. It's disgusting to see something like this. Mean-spirited. A bit schizophrenic. There are a lot of other words that can be used instead of those four-letter words; to me, it shows a lack of imagination to have to resort to using them. Circular and absurd. You'd rather pontificate from afar than actually cover events in neighborhoods that don't match your demographic profile, unless it's to agitate or soothe chronically inflamed liberal consciences. Your future has passed you by. It seems you choose to view your glass as half-empty. Your soul is already dead. Quit your bitching! You have no common sense. Wise up. Poorly written and wildly inaccurate. Journalistic objectivity is obviously not a priority. Ignorant of the facts. Boooorring! Consumed by precocious psychobabble and personal sexual anxiety. Obviously, you have no ethics. I will never look at the OC Weekly again. You make me sick. We are outraged and sickened. Congratulations on successfully producing, week after week, a publication that sucks! If your publication were a musician, it would be John Tesh. You friggin' liberals are full of hooey. You should be burned at the stake and have the ashes sprinkled over the El Toro Y at rush hour. Where do you get off writing monkey dung? Somewhere, your parents and schools FAILED MISERABLY to educate you about the FACTS OF LIFE. A little education put into that Pollyanna liberal cranium of yours—REAL WORLD, NOT IVORY TOWER, EDUCATION—might help. You're lucky this newspaper is free because I don't think you'd make any money if it were sold. It's bad press—very bad press. The stupidest, most infantile twaddle imaginable. Cocka-poopoo. Journalistic stupidity. Full of shit. Fucking bullshit. Woefully deficient of facts. I'm used to reading badly written articles in your paper. 1997-1998 Your liberal slant on everything is pretty laughable. I really hope you don't think your "publication" is actually legitimate. I'll never waste another minute of my time reading your sewer paper. You are on about the same caliber as a small, liberal, community college newspaper—and about as pointless. Hire some real reporters and an editor while you're at it. Show some spine. What a perverse little magazine you have. I can't see how you could be any more wrong. Chock-full of misinformation and nonsense. Your disgusting magazine hits new lows. Get your head out of the gutter and write about real stories. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Completely strayed from reality. Congratulations, you have now officially reached a new low. Every issue makes me remember my college years when I, too, was young, stupid, impressionable and receptive to liberal claptrap of the sort delivered by the Weekly. What shitty reporting. What garbage. Factless. Semisatirical. Your magazine really is terrible! Your magazine wouldn't have made it as a third-rate hippie rag 30 years ago! Revamp your magazine, get some professional writers on your staff, and quit wasting our time. Awkward and painful to read. An evil paper spreading infected bodily fluids all over. An embarrassment . . . to journalism. You hypocritical "free speech"- oriented rag. Gross, gross, gross. Otherwise mediocre (at best). The paper sucks. Lacking originality. Shameful. One consolation to the inevitable anarchy you and your kind are ushering in is that your kind will hopefully be the first liquidated—back to the slime from which you draw your thoughts. A sex-for-sale magazine in disguise. If you don't clean up your act, I might also think about starting some community action against your paper. Junk (which is left in large piles of untaken papers). Your article and condescending tone make me want to vomit. Thinly veiled attempt at journalism. A rank and amateur hack piece. The vested interest behind this rag is so gross I do NOT know how you guys live with yourselves. How about some constructive journalism for a change? Off-balance reporting. Incredibly racist. Quite stupid. Condescending and superficial. Quite disappointing. 1998-1999 I think you need to eat your damn words!!! I go away for two weeks, and your paper goes to hell. How could you print such crap? The ignorance portrayed . . . grows with every word. This is yellow journalism at its worst. There you chumps go again, bitin' the hand that feeds you. Crybabies. Demented. Your account . . . was filled with untruths and meanness. You are nothing but a shill for your advertisers. You are definitely one of the "Pretty People"!!! You promote more hatred, invective and misinformation than can be found on the average Ku Klux Klan website. A vicious, superficial attack. You are pathetic. Insulting and disgusting. You guys suck! Do you prefer to displace your angry feelings onto society? You are separatists and lack understanding. Get your shit together. Self-serving, tedious, teenage drivel. Can't you find anyone to cover the OC social scene who can at least make it sound interesting? "Misinformation" is the best description for the work of fantasy. . . in the OC Weekly. Not very interesting. The worst article I've ever read. What kind of newspaper are you writing? What is this world coming to? A bunch of critical sons of bitches. You're the assholes! Unsubstantiated, biased garbage. Poor taste. Shame on the Weekly. Pure garbage. It's no wonder the OC Weekly is free. Why would anyone pay to read it? Somebody on your staff needs to get a clue. Come on, show some respect. Hardly informative. As journalism, it's way cheesy. Misinformed, superficial and unsupported by facts. Meritless, illegitimate and defamatory diatribe of lies, slander and other pejorative rhetoric. I forgive your utter hatred. I pray for a change of your hardened heart and the elimination of your anger toward anyone who disagrees with you on public policy. A waste of paper. Your magazine hasn't made a single positive contribution to Orange County. I look forward to the day that your magazine has some value beyond lining my bird's cage. Increasingly wacked-out liberal agenda. Utter ignorance. This magazine—with its gross articles and its flagrant "finger up" attitude—is terribly tragic. Someday, you will be forced to face your Creator. Ignorant and way out of line. The Weekly's chosen specialty is attack-dog criticism. OC Weekly has nothing to offer the OC music scene. You should really look at what your people are running in this fag rag that your run. It's terrible. You disgust me. 1999-2000 Now I know why this magazine is free: you can't get anyone to pay to read such trash. We have met the enemy, and it is the likes of you. You should be ashamed of yourself! OC wannabes. Your pathetic attempts at sounding oh-so-hip and literate have only exposed how culturally bankrupt you really are. Your lack of basic research, factchecking and journalistic integrity, plus your decadent use of deception and disregard for the truth, is appalling. How can you claim to be cultured or relevant? Frankly, I expected better. A waste of paper and ink. You are doomed! You are marked for Eternal Death. Kill the writers. Nothing but low-ball ass chatter. You're stupid!!! You frikkin' suck! Narrow-minded and demeaning. A small-time paper. Here's my review of your professionalism: IT SUCKS! Self-indulgent, Mind-numbing alley-cat trash talk.


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