Fake CNN Site Blames Fires on Mexicans

When a bogus post went up on a fake CNN website late last week with the headline: "Separatists Claim Responsibility for California Wildfires" and which included a "confirmation" by Gov. Schwarzenegger that MECha (the Aztlan-loving student group) had claimed responsibility for the fires, anti-immigrant websites spread the story, well, like wildfire.

Bloggers eagerly jumped at the fake bait and swallowed the hoax whole, calling for armageddon, a new Mexican-American war and anything else violent under the sun against all Mexicans everywhere before discovering the "lie" in "cnnheadLIEnews.com." (The site is no longer sporting the fake news report).

"I think we should nuke them all. Especially the ones in our country," read one post. "It's time to treat them like the [sic] al-Qaeda type terrorists that they are," reads another post from a site called "Ankle Biting Pundits." The light bulb eventually went off after several posters noticed the bogus url. But that didn't stop the ranting on LibertyPost.org, where bloggers continued to call for armageddon even after the fake site was revealed.

The bogus CNN site was registered on Oct. 25 by Bleachboy Heavy Manufacturing in Nashville, Tennessee. Calls to the phone number listed go directly to the voicemail of "Don Moore." We've got enough fires going on, the last thing we need is a dimwit like this igniting more fires among a fearful, spiteful population of Mexican-haters in OC and elsewhere who are too ready to see someone burn.


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