The band says goodbye at the Observatory in Santa Ana
The band says goodbye at the Observatory in Santa Ana

Exclusive: Thrice Premieres 'Anthology' Live Album on Navel Gazing



final farewell show at the



Santa Ana 

was among the most brutal, beautiful, bittersweet moments of the summer, we understand when a band agrees to call it quits. It's okay, we know OC's mature, post-hardcore troupe will be back (three years, we're calling it!). But just as our sweaty clothes from that show finally begin to dry out (we promised never to wash them after that gig), we're hit with quite a surprise form the Thrice camp. 

Today, members Dustin Kensure, Teppei Teranishi, and Riley and Ed Breckenridge graced us with an exclusive stream of their live recording of their farewell tour. Premiering here first, Thrice's Anthology (officially released on October 30 via Staple Records), unfurls what Billboard Magazine calls "a career on display" into a 4-LP/ 2-CD set from specifically selected stops along the tour. 

Packed with 24 songs, Anthology captures the unadulterated sound of the band as you heard them on stage, no studio magic required. The mammoth offering, also available for digital download, is also available in a highly exclusive LP box set, limited to just 3,000 stamped and numbered copies. It encapsulates the best of their career from all over the map--albums like 2009's Beggars, or 2001's Identity Crisis. And short of booking the band to play in your're mom's living room, a Thrice fan really can't ask for much more. And if you happen to be a Thrice fan AND a Weekly reader, then you're in luck. We've got an exclusive stream of the album available for your listening and reminiscing pleasure. Check it out after the jump.

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