Ex-Scientologist to Garden Grove Mayor: Do Your Research Before the Grip-n-Grin

Politicos beware: if you're ever caught glad-handing the Church of Scientology, one of its former members will pay you a visit at a public meeting and give you the verbal version of "Scientology for Dummies."

Paulien Lombard, the former Scientologist who used to spy for church, is continuing her relentless campaign to spread the word about the abuses she says members of the organization suffer at the hands of their leaders. Her latest tour stop was at a Garden Grove City Council meeting.

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Lombard addressed Garden Grove Mayor William Dalton over comments he reportedly made at Scientology's Ideal Org grand opening earlier this month, where he reportedly compared the work of Scientologists to that of labor activist Cesar Chavez.

Faithful readers will recall that the Weekly got the swift boot from the June 2 event in downtown Santa Ana, but the church was kind enough to send out a press release with supposed quotes from public officials in attendance.

According to the press release, Dalton said:

"One of our greatest champions of education in California and the nation, Cesar Chavez, once said, 'The end of all education should surely be service to others.' You are all fantastic examples of Cesar Chavez's ideals in action. Because you all put what you have learned, and what you know, right back into the community."

The ever-vigilant Lombard wouldn't the comments slide. At the June 12 council meeting, she said many members have left Scientology "due to the violent nature of the leader, David Miscavige," and urged Dalton to do better research.

Here's hoping Dalton also reads staff reports from city departments.

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