Ex-Orange School Trustee Steve Rocco Hits Weekly with Subpoena!

During my lunch break today, a nice lady with the Orange County Sheriff's Department dropped by the Weekly's offices looking to serve me with a subpoena. I won't go into the myriad possibilities of pissed-off people who crossed my mind, but suffice it to say I assumed this was some crazy or disgruntled person I've written about harassing me with legal paperwork. So it was to my great surprise when, an hour later, the sheriff's employee returned again, and handed me a a subpoena to testify next month in the criminal trial of Steve Rocco, the ex-Orange Unified School District trustee.

The last time I wrote about Rocco, he'd just been busted for stealing a ketchup bottle from a cafeteria at Chapman University. He's fighting the charges, of course, and has a criminal trial scheduled to begin at 9 AM on March 18. I'll be there, but it's doubtful I'll be testifying. All I know about Rocco's arrest is what I wrote in that aforementioned blog post. But my guess is Rocco doesn't want me on the stand to talk about stolen ketchup, he wants me to tell the world about "The Partnership," the evil cabal involving Albertsons, Kodak Film and Smokecraft Sausage that secretly controls Orange County government.

As I've previously noted here and here, Rocco first encountered and exposed the dreaded Partnership in 1981, when cops busted him for stealing several rolls of Kodak Film and a sausage from an Albertsons Supermarket. For years, he valiantly struggled to end the group's tenebrous stranglehold on power and avoid their almost imperceptible efforts to assassinate him. In Orange a few years back, Rocco struck back at the cabal when thousands of parents--acting on Rocco's voters guide self-desciption as an 'educator' smartly voted him onto the school board.

Sadly, Rocco's reign as an educator has now ended and sadder still, the Partnership has once again set Rocco up for stealing food items. The Ketchup Advisory Board could not be reached for comment, but I have a feeling they have something to do with the Partnership. Either way the Weekly promises to be there in court on March 18.

Stay tuned...


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