Ex-OC Congressman Dubbed "Rotting Meatbag"

A letter to KFI's John & Ken Show from a "Concerned OC citizen" contains what may be the most colorful description evah of a certain former local congressman who went on to national shame in the Bush Administration.

The former beach-area Republican congressman, whose head belongs "on a stick," sayeth this particular commenter, is called out as a "rotting meatbag that fleeced Orange County citizens out of billions."

To find out who--and why the lady writer believes he deserves such shame--read the full, unedited letter that follows . . .

Dear John and Ken,
I am a local wife and stay-at-home mother, as well as a daily listener to your program. I am writing this email in a panic, and you are the first ones I thought of that could possibly make a HUGE impact on this horrible situation.
My husband and I have struggled for over two years after he got out of the Army shortly before the economic collapse in 2008. He was all set to join the OC Sheriff's Dept, but was told last minute that the state was broke and they couldn't hire him (that's a story for another email). We had an infant daughter and wanted to stay in the area to raise her close to our family, so instead of taking profitable jobs elsewhere, we struggled (understatement of the century) and decided to raise our family in Orange County. I now believe that was the biggest mistake we could have ever made...
After over two years, my husband finally got a decent-paying job. We wanted to move closer to his work, but in the process of looking for an apartment in Irvine, I stumbled upon this. I am horrified, terrified, and SO PISSED OFF THAT I COULD GLADLY RIP OFF THE HEADS THAT I WANT TO PUT ON STICKS!!! THIS IS YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO US AND IN DOING SO, THEY ARE BUTCHERING THE INNOCENT!!!!! PLEASE HELP BRING THIS TO THE PUBLIC'S ATTENTION SO THAT THEY CAN BE SAVED FOM YEARS OF EXCRUSHIATING AND HORENDOUS PAIN, LEADING TO GHASTLY DEATHS!!!!
The situation I am referring to is the poisoning and subsequent cover-up of the ground water in Irvine, CA. This ground water has been contaminated by a chemical known as trichloroethylene, or TCE, which was dumped into the ground water at El Toro Marine Base. For years, this fact was covered up, ignored, or lied about by government officials. The toxic plume is now miles wide (no one knows exactly how large), and has been rumored to have  seeped into the water that millions of innocent people drink, bathe, and use on a daily basis. I am no expert - just a terrified wife and mother who is now afraid to give my two-year-old daughter a bath or allow her to brush her teeth with anything other than bottled water. I have come to find out that I have lived worryingly close to the noxious plume for most of my life,   and I have friends and family that live directly above it. I know people that have died of mysterious illnesses after suffering many years of agonizing pain.
One of the most disturbing and disgusting aspect of this story is that the governmental powers that be plan to take this filthy, polluted site and turn it into a park as well as major real estate properties. A park... They don't care that thousands of families will bring their innocent, vulnerable, precious children to a place that could possibly kill them. If anyone deserves to have their head on a stick, it's these people (and I use the term lightly - what sick, perverted THING would knowingly place children in harm's way?!?!) I have also included my own version of "Heads on a Stick", and I'd like to explain who these people are, from top to bottom: (*Side note: There are many more people whose heads belong on this stick, but I didn't have room.)
TOP: Chris Cox
Rotting meatbag that fleeced Orange County citizens out of billions and left us to fester in El Toro's toxic waste that continues to spread outward from El Toro while the health of Irvine residents and their property values suffer.
MIDDLE: Beth Beeman
Spokeshole for the Irvine Water District that lied to the public when she refused to tell them the truth about the toxic, cancerous sludge in their water.
BOTTOM: Sukhee Kang
Scumbag Mayor of Irvine who never once demanded independent testing be done to protect the loyal and innocent citizens that voted him into office, and to prove that the government wasn't poisoning them.
Because the other innocent victims in this story are the Marines themselves. Many Marines and their family members who lived and served at El Toro have experienced serious health issues including cancer, mutations and intestinal disorders. These are all symptoms of TCE contamination. What's worse is that the contamination can be passed down to the next generation. So who better to put these puss-sucking vomit sacks' heads on a stick than the Marines?
Below are listed the experts, and the places where I found this information. And after the government's track record, I am inclined to believe them.
Thank you so, so much, Jon and Ken!!!!
-Nicole Wright
Concerned OC citizen






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