Every Day is Casual Friday

Illustration by Bob AulWe got excited enough to go check out your new bar. We loved it. Loved it so much we went again the next night. Loved it so much we told all our friends about the only cool bar in town. We raved about how different it was, how there was finally somewhere we could go. Then our friend comes from out of town, so of course we want to take him to the only cool place in town. We show up, and the rude door guy points to our friend, who, yes, is wearing shorts, and says, "No shorts." We stare in disbelief. Door guy stands there, smug, talking to some bimbo. Some wanker off to the side laughs at our discomfort. You could have said, "We have a dress code, so next time, no shorts," but you turned us away, and in doing so, you lost two customers. We will never go there again. Instead of glowing and gushing about how great your bar is, we will tell everybody how lame you are. You won't make Orange County cool. You can have your 100 square feet of elitism and try to pretend you're any different from the meatheads and hoochies who surround you.


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