Even John Wayne Needs a Break from Orange County [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Even John Wayne Needs a Break from Orange County [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]EXPAND
Scott Feinblatt

For our summer travel issue, Weekly writer/photographer/cartoonist Scott Feinblatt went down to John Wayne Airport and took note of all the locals getting the hell out of town to escape our current reality. Here's Scott's artist's statement:

There's no doubt that strange days have befallen the US. Our political state has become a no-holds-barred reality television show. Such degradation is nothing less than a total defoliant to some of the simpler ideologies that have governed the common intellect in the past, say, for example, the catchy -isms of John Wayne. It is hard to imagine that the Duke could come up with one of his famous macho statements and actually reassure an average US citizen that the current state of our country is not that of an insane joke. Thus, at the airport of his namesake, his spirit is bidding travelers some refreshing advice for the summer. Get out while you still can, and enjoy your summer vacation!

And, yes: we do realize that the only international flights out of John Wayne are to Mexico—which make sense, considering all of Marion's kids are half-Latinos...HA!

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