Even Chapman U Feeling the Publishing Blues?

Even Chapman U Feeling the Publishing Blues?

I have no love lost for Chapman University, the private school from which I graduated in 2001 but for which I have no respect since President Jim Doti doesn't give a shit about letting a free press do its job. But their head PR person, Mary Platt, is a nice woman (unlike their previous PR lady, Ruth Wardwell), and so it was with sadness that I received the latest issue of the alumni magazine. It comes out every quarter, and is usually fat with alumni updates, short features about Chapman teachers and students, and other such standards. For winter, however, I received a stapled foldout (the kind that opens up to create four squares) with a couple of pages. The handout said it was a special issue, but I can't remember ever receiving something that basically aped what Chapman Magazine publishes every quarter. Here's to hoping it was an anomaly, because I need to see more pictures of George Argyros!

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