Esteban Colberto vs. Gustavo Arellano

Just caught Gustavo on The Colbert Report and not only was our hope fulfilled that the host of El Colberto Reporto Gigante would make an appearance, but so did Victor Infante's wish for a Threat Down segment, only it was gay themed (complete with bears!) and not Mexicanized.

Gustavo actually began by calling out Esteban Colberto, bringing a gentle plea for patience from Stephen, who obviously saw his end bits getting stepped on. Arellano went on to represent the OC well, although his rapid-fire speaking style -- while great for a morning traffic report -- was too difficult for Colbert to handle.

As for Esteban: classic Colbert.

As for Stephen: other than calling the column Ask THE Mexican instead of Ask A Mexican, and pronouncing GA's last name AIR-eee-yano instead of ARR-eee-yano, and calling our pub ORANGE COUNTY Weekly instead of OC Weekly, he was a peach.

How on Earth did Gustavo get the idea he was French-Canadian?


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