Enter the Dragon . . . Institute

Think you've got what it takes to tackle Bruce Lee's moves?
Starting May 1, Dana Point will be the home of Orange County's first facility to teach the famous Wing Chun style of Kung Fu. Bruce Lee began his training with Wing Chun, then went on to create his own mash up of moves and philosophy called Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee also taught Chuck Norris a few karate chops. And, apparently, how to turn your fans into hyperbole machines.

Some people say Bruce Lee--by the way, it's "Bruce Lee" and not just "Lee" after first reference because he's Bruce Lee--could catch falling grains of rice with chop sticks. And that he could snatch a dime from an open palm then replace it with a penny before the person could even flinch.

The school is being headed by Sifu Adam Williss. Master Williss is the executive director of Orange County's Wing Chun Association, an associate member of the International Kung Fu Federation, and he was approved for induction in the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Which makes him an authority on all things martial arts. So, can Master Williss answer the age-old question:

Who would win in the real Chuck Norris versus Bruce Lee battle?

The movie, Way of the Dragon, had Bruce Lee winning. Facts.com says, "a movie scene depicting Chuck Norris losing a fight with Bruce Lee was the product of history's most expensive visual effect."

Classes at The Dragon Institute start on May 1.

Hopefully one lesson will teach students how to speak the un-dubbed Bruce Lee line, "Woo guys are weally gonna gwet it."


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