Enough with the Elitism Charges, Baby Hewie

Longtime media watchers know there are fewer pundits on Earth more blatantly hypocritical than Hugh Hewitt. He's the guy who has made a career of railing against the mainstream media even as he climbed its ladder--from KCET-TV Channel 28's Life and Times to OC Metro to talk radio (sorry, Hewie: being syndicated in dozens of markets makes you muy mainstream). But the funniest mantra Hewie repeats is how the GOP is anti-elitism, and their opponents are elites. Just look at this latest post, where he uses the word "elites" THRICE. Ever heard of a thesaurus, Hewie?

Here's the funny part: if anyone is an elite, it's Hewitt. Who lives in an exclusive Irvine neighborhood? Who maintains their own private studios in Brea rather than make the trek to the Glendale location of KRLA-AM 870, his show's home station or even to KUCI-FM's lil' trailer? Who teaches law at Chapman University, a private institution with students largely pulled from the elites of Orange County? Who records advertisements for Gulliver's in Irvine, which last I checked was pretty damn expensive?

The worst part about this is that Hewie knows he's lying through his teeth. A former Weekly bigwig who--believe it or not--is close friends with Hewitt once told us Weeklings that Hewie admitted he didn't believe half the shit he spews on the airwaves. In honor of such mendacity, we present you with a cartoon from the past filled with many quacks:


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