Emasculating Dana

Judging by this photo, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Not at all Drunk in the Photo) would not make an attractive woman, but apparently the good folks of Bush administration disagree. It seems some of them find him so evocative of things feminine that they have trouble remembering what gender he really is.

Back in January, we noted that Congressman Rohrabacher was feeling emasculated by the arrogant behavior of the Bush White House. Now it looks like the Bush Justice Department has decided to finish the job. On March 16, the Justice Department's Office of Legislative Affairs (whose only job is to work with Congress) sent the Surfin' One a letter. A letter that begins,

Dear Congresswoman Rohrabacher:

Wonkette has a copy of the letter, if you want to see the gender reassignment in its original cold hard print. The Hill has a predictably angry reaction (one that once again echoes the emasculation fears, "Are we really persona non grata already?") from "Rohrabacher spokeswoman Tara Setmayer". Is The Hill sure about that ID? A first name with four letters, two A's, two consonants-- I probably would have gone with "spokesperson" just to be safe.

(thanks to Victor Infante for the tip)


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