[Election 2008] Obama, McCain (Who Sucks, By the Way) and the Gayest Election Ever

Illustration by Jason Edmiston

A Very Odd Couple


Look, for the last time, we don’t do endorsements. Even—and I want to make this absolutely clear—even if one of the candidates is as execrable as John McCain, or if one of the ballot measures is as vile and hateful as Proposition 8.

We do make fun little lists, though, like Greg Stacy’s survey of McFakeassMaverick’s copious coprolescence, and Matt Coker’s portents that OC just isn’t all that fired up about the Republican nominee. Also, Nick Schou talks war, peace and the election with Ron Kovic—a guy wounded more grievously in Vietnam than McCain, and who’s to the left of That One on Iraq.

I’m Ted B. Kissell, and I approved this message. Please enjoy, and excuse me while I open my mail. There’s a couple of things here that look suspiciously like wedding invitations.

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