Eggleston to LA Times: Sorry for Lying 'Bout You

A couple of weeks ago, this infernal blog reported on G. Wayne Eggleston, the San Clemente councilmember who memorably told Los Angeles Times reporter Garrett Therolf, "I wouldn't want to stop in Stanton, much less patrol it," claimed he was misquoted and then told OCBlog readers to "not co-operate with LA Times readers as they are not trustworthy." We forgave the double-negative, but not the charge, especially after Therolf stood by his notes.

Now Therolf tells us Eggleston has dropped the misquoting accusation and apologized to Therolf. Here's the note:

Dear Editor, January 9, 2007

Dana Parson's article January 9, 2007 "Official's Shot at Stanton hits his Own Foot Instead," is absolutely right, I do owe L A Times reporter, Garrett Therolf an apology, but I wish to do it publicly as well as privately as Dana had suggested.

There are character building times for all politicians and this is such a time for me. I have apologized to the Mayor and officials of Stanton for my comments about their city and I now apologize to Garret for any statements I made regarding his reporting.

The Mayor of Stanton was gracious and has invited myself and other council members to Stanton for a visit and we have accepted. I am certain that I will learn a lot about Stanton, and I look forward to the visit.

Hopefully the issue that we are not missing here is the unfortunate demotion of Lt. Hunt by Sheriff Mike Carona. Lt Hunt is a very respected member of this community and was involved in many community activities. His demotion is unfortunate and untimely. Again, apologies to all concerned.

Wayne Eggleston San Clemente City Councilman

More on Stanton-gate in next Thursday's dead-tree issue of the Weekly...


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