Edible Critter Protectors Launch Go-Vegan Campaign

Californians in November passed Proposition 2, which requires animals raised for food be provided sufficient space to turn around and stretch their limbs. Now a group calling itself Operation Prop 2 Follow-Through wants to extend the protections to include not eating the critters as well. Its slogan? "You favored Prop2 - Now Go Vegan Too!" 

The campaign is spreading the word through bus cards, billboards and "coordinated massive leafleting and tabling in California's metropolitan areas." It hopes to get a big boost from Saturday's 25th anniversary Meatout, the world's largest annual grassroots diet education campaign.

In an email to the Weekly, Costa Mesa resident Christopher Tait says he joined Operation Prop 2 Follow-Through because though the voter initiative made living in cages more comfortable for the animals we eat, "the new law does not prevent deprivation, mutilation, suffocation and other atrocities perpetrated in factory farms and slaughterhouses." Read more about the campaign here.


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