Ed Royce (R)
Ed Royce (R)

Ed Royce Puts On Greenface

We all know that lead is bad stuff. Kills babies. Makes bullets.

So there's plenty of reason to be glad that Orange-based Continuous Coating Corp. is shedding 70,000 pounds of lead from its production process. The firm, which makes continuous coil electro-zinc line (probably very essential!) already has a nice record with Scorecard, "the pollution information site." The de-leadening is a part of its participation with the Environmental Protection Agency's NPEP, "a voluntary partnership program focused on reducing the use of potentially hazardous priority chemicals from products and processes," according to the press release.

You know what's also according to the press release? That north-OC U.S. Rep Ed Royce was somehow connected with this development, joining with the EPA to pat the increasingly clean  company on its zinc-coated, unleaded back.

"I applaud Continuous Coating Corporation for their successful efforts and I am pleased to recognize today their commitment to promoting a clean and healthy environment for their surrounding community," said Congressman Royce.

Does this mean Mr. Royce has finally got religion in regards to the environment, after receiving a 0% score from the League of Conservation Voters in the second half of last year? Or is he just taking this chance to green-wash his record by standing and smiling in front of a corporation whose voluntary decision appears to have had nothing to do with Royce at all? We regurgitate the press releases -- you decide.


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