House minority leader (and future speaker?) John Boehner.
House minority leader (and future speaker?) John Boehner.

Ed Royce Brings House GOP Leader Boehner to OC But Not His District

It costs $200 to join Rep. Ed Royce's Congressional Club, but membership has its privileges. Among them, an invitation to the Fullerton Republican's April 6 "private briefing" on the 2010 elections with House minority leader John Boehner, the orange-faced Ohio Republican who may become Speaker of the House if his party does as well as expected in November.

But what's up with Royce holding this wing-ding not in his North County district, but at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach? Yes, Republicans in that neck of Orange County can scrape up 200 bucks just by removing a few sofa cushions. But Royce's district includes some wealthy neighborhoods. Perhaps he does not believe there are any North County establishments that measure up to the BBC.

The update is important because, as Royce puts it, "Our nation is facing a crucially important time."

"Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are moving forward to complete the government takeover of health care that President Obama is staking his presidency on," Royce informs supporters. "Using legislative gimmicks and backroom deals, they are hoping to quickly ram their bill through Congress."

He continues the Fox News talking points by referring to health-care reform legislation as "the Obama/Pelosi bill" and saying it will increase the national debt, taxes on families and small businesses and government control "over our lives."

"I am working hard to defeat this bill, but ultimately the answer is to retake Congress with new, conservative leadership," writes Royce, explaining that's why he's bringing Orangeman not to his district but the exclusive club at 1221 Pacific Coast Hwy., Newport Beach.

Showtime: 5:30 p.m.

Join the Congressional Club now and you'll be invited to three more events featuring "important national and state speakers." Call (714) 634-2340 or visit for details.


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